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Techie Tessie was founded in December 2020 with the goal of making programming education widespread and accessible.

Through online tutorials, workshops, social media support, and an incredible team, we are helping international students learn how to code in their mother tongue.

There should be no barriers when it comes to education. We have tutorials in English, Hindi, and Spanish, with more languages to come.

Meet the Team

Techie Tessie team

Tess Watt
Founder & CEO
'The Funny Founder'

Techie Tessie team

Mohasin Haque
Techie Teacher
'The Web Whiz'

Techie Tessie team

Dhanush Vasudevaraju
Social Media Manager
'The Software Sleuth'

Techie Tessie team

David Castillo
Techie Teacher
'The Digital Craftsman'

We were finalists at the UK Startup Awards in two categories:
'Education & Training Startup of the Year' & 'Graduate Startup of the Year'!

We have been busy behind the scenes working on a campaign to promote programming. Have you spotted any of our ads around Scotland yet?

Our founder, Tess Watt, was a finalist at the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards! Head to our YouTube channel for behind the scenes coverage of the event.

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"They make it easy for the audience to understand the concepts by taking some real life examples." - Jagan Chowhaan

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"Very engaged with the community, supporting beginners and sharing valuable insights!" - Isabel González

Techie Tessie merchandise keeping the code coming shirt